Empowering Women to Live Their Purpose

What is an Unbraided Life?

a life in which a woman is healthy, supported, and free to live out her purpose

If you’re ready to experience healing from abuse, Unbraided Life will help you get healthy emotionally and spiritually so you can cultivate the self-confidence and courage needed to follow through to freedom. Learn how to deal with the long-term effects of abuse—fear, shame, lack of trust, and anger—in order to build strong relationships, enjoy intimacy, and experience joy.

1-on-1 & Group Coaching

Individualized support to help women identify the areas of their lives that are being affected by abuse and provides a path for them to experience breakthrough and healing.

Workshops & Speaking

Organizational support to help you encourage real transformation in the lives of the women you serve—from the inside out. Workshops and group healing programs are available to fit your needs.

About the Founder

An author, keynote speaker, and women’s empowerment coach Karla Monterrosa is dedicated to improving the lives of women and families through programming that is practical, unique, and transformational. With nearly two decades of experience in community and economic development, she understands what motivates, inspires, and ultimately leads people to unlock their power. Karla lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters.

Unbraided: Transform Your Pain to Power and Purpose

experience breakthrough and healing from all types of abuse

“Karla is a truly transparent communicator who, with God’s help, has uncovered her true self and inspires others to find their authentic selves.
She speaks from a place of deep healing and it is palpable.”

Cydelia Miranda Storey

Latin American Bible Institute

“Karla eloquently and gently points you to the overlooked truth about trauma: to fully heal and be set free, we must courageously face our story and walk through it. Karla is the compassionate guide, holding your hand along the way, not asking you to do anything she hasn’t done herself. Karla is a tremendous guide for walking a daunting yet rewarding path to healing and freedom.”

Kelsey Hawk, MA, LMHC

Mending the Soul Facilitator

“Karla’s pathway towards healing through her relationship with God gives me hope for the young people we meet everyday who are suffering
and for whom we have no earthly answers.” 

Dr. Mariane Doyle

Journal of School Administration and Research Development

“Karla shows how our Heavenly Father lovingly embraces those who are hurting and brings each one into their own special place of healing. If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of sexual abuse, this book will give you the courage to say, ‘I can be free!’”

Dr. Simon Presland

Christian Counseling Institute

“Unbraided is not only for those who experienced sexual abuse as children but for anyone who wants to be victorious over a painful past. Karla will gently guide you to take courageous steps of faith towards God’s healing and lead you into a place of perfect peace.”

Yvette Barreto

Project Management Director

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