Helping Women Take Courageous Steps of Faith to Heal from Abuse and Discover Their Purpose

Ready to live out your God-given purpose?

Hi, I’m Karla!

I’m a Christian, author, speaker, and coach committed to helping you heal from abuse and thrive in your faith, family, and purpose. Bold faith and nearly two decades of experience in community and economic development make my programming practical, unique, and transformational. I understand what motivates, inspires, and ultimately leads people to unlock their power. 

I am passionate about leveraging my skills to help women overcome their past. I believe everyone has a God-given purpose, and through my unique coaching program, I guide survivors of abuse to discover their specific needs and develop actionable strategies. Through honest self-reflection, application of biblical principles, and my one-of-a-kind 7 Steps Toward Healing framework, you too can live with purpose, peace, and wonderful surprises at every turn.




Helping People Heal

emotional and spiritual healing for all types of abuse

1-on-1 & Group Coaching

Through application of biblical principles, my 7 Steps Toward Healing framework, mentorship and discipleship, I gently guide you through a journey of self-reflection and healing—while making it feel like an intimate conversation with a trusted friend over coffee. Are you ready to step forward into the life you desire with renewed energy, unshakable confidence, and purpose?

Workshops & Speaking

I help organizations, groups, and ministries encourage transformation in the lives of the women they serve using thought-provoking journaling exercises, biblical principles and my one-of-a-kind 7 Steps Toward Healing framework. Workshops and group healing programs are available to fit your needs.

Keynote Speaker

An author,  speaker, and women’s empowerment coach, Karla Monterrosa is dedicated to improving the lives of women and families through programming that is practical, unique, and transformational. With nearly two decades of experience in community and economic development, she understands what motivates, inspires, and ultimately leads people to unlock their power.

Karla lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters.


Karla Monterrosa experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuses early in her life. She was able to take those negative experiences and use them as fuel to propel her forward for a time, accomplishing personal, educational, and professional successes. Eventually, within the stresses and pressures of marriage and motherhood, her scars became utterly exposed. She realized that her past was beginning to harm her family in the present, and it was then she chose to take courageous steps in faith to heal from abuse—to become the woman, wife, and mother they deserve.

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Unbraided Life, is a community for women survivors of abuse. A supportive network where you can continue your healing journey, live out your purpose, and enjoy a healthy and thriving life.

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And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

—Romans 8:28 

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