I spent almost 20 years in City government, managing community programs and creating opportunities for women and families in Los Angeles. I loved my work and was passionate about it. Toward the end of that time, however, I was feeling exhausted and like my effort was not having the impact it could.

Together with my husband, we decided that it was a good time for me to take a break from work. It has been the best and boldest decision. I can honestly say I am a different woman than I was just one year ago.

I wanted to accomplish three specific things during this season.

Here’s how things are going.

Goal 1: Deepen my faith and relationship with God

Through prayer, worship, and studying the Bible, my faith has grown monumentally. Today, I seek and trust God for guidance in every area of my life, and it has been beautiful to experience His presence and power in my life.

Goal 2: Be present physically and emotionally for my family

At the beginning of the school year, I committed to volunteering four hours each week at my daughters’ school. I spent Thursday and Friday mornings helping their teachers in the classroom. I developed real relationships with both teachers and was able to watch my girls grow and learn. I was also able to support my children at home with their education and have seen huge benefits and improvements. I’m proud of that.

Goal 3: Align the efforts of my work with my purpose

When you land in a place of dissatisfaction time-and-again, that’s a sign that change is necessary. Not knowing what to do next, I decided to hire a leadership coach to help me explore new possibilities with courage. We did some work around discovering my Purpose, my Why, silencing the Inner Critic, and coping with fear that has transformed me in surprising ways. I highly recommend coaching during periods of transition. With the right guidance and support, we can reach higher than on our own.

As a result of our work together I decided to finally pursue my life-long goal of becoming an Author. I am currently writing a book on healing abuse with the help of God. Much of the content I am sharing on Medium will be edited for sections in my book.

By now many of you know that I had a tough start in life. I was sexually abused between the ages of 5–10 years old by people close to me. Those experiences set me up to not trust anyone and planted seeds of shame and fear in me that have influenced my life and relationships.

Awareness is critical to improving our lives in every area. Once we are aware of the things that need changing, we can begin to do something about them. God has been doing a great healing work in me. He is transforming every area of my life for the better.

I hope that my experience and what God has done in my life will inspire women to address their childhood trauma and seek God for real healing.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and friendship.

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